My Motorcycle Pages

Hi!  My name is Mark Garetz and I've created these pages so other folks can see what I've done with my motorcycles.

I used to own a Yamaha XV535 Virago.  There was (is) very little info on this bike on the web, so I originally built this page so people could see what modifications I'd done to it, and primarily so they could hear what aftermarket exhausts sounded like on it.  (Nowadays manufacturers have exhaust sounds on their sites, when I did mine there were none.)

Now I own a Yamaha XVS1100 Vstar Silverado Classic.  Naturally I have a page about that bike too.  In fact, I have a whole website dedicated to the Vstar 1100. 

I also came up with a nifty way to add a cool clock to your bike at very low cost.  I have page that explains how to do it yourself.

Click any of the following links to go to the pages:

XV535 Virago 535 Page

XVS1100 Vstar 1100 Silverado Page

Motorcycle Clock Page